The Year of Too Canadian

    So in the past month “Too Canadian” bands Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene devolved into a Katie nightmare – so Canadian as to be more draining than a forty hour… Continue reading

Anxiety Exercise (Part 1?)

Okay, so as everybody who knows me personally can attest, I am psycho – when it comes to my music. I have a weirdly complex system of playlists so that I can listen… Continue reading

Star Trek Beyond: A 100 Word Review

Star Trek’s latest film left me conflicted. The writing itself seemed much better, in that it was clever and funny at parts. The overall plot and the action seemed lacking. The earlier action… Continue reading

Independence Day Resurgence: A 100 Word Review

Independence Day Resurgence was a very poor attempt to bring back a once successful movie. It played too heavily into the nostalgia for the first one, making so many references and bringing back… Continue reading

Best of: Study Music

Took a bit of a hiatus as I adjusted to a new work schedule and now I’m hopefully back. Having recently finished university, I have curated a decent collection of study music. Here… Continue reading

Top 5 Movies – Katherine Week

It is the Film Friday and the final day of Katherine Week so without further ado, I present my top five favourite movies of all time. 5. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes This film is… Continue reading

Top 5 Video Games – Katherine Week

Video games are one of my newer hobbies, having only started regularly gaming four years ago but since then I have developed a very intense love of games. Certain games have earned my… Continue reading

Top 5 TV Shows – Katherine Week

Next in this round up of my favourite things, television shows. In recent years, YouTube has replaced much of my tv watching time, but there are still shows I love 5. Brooklyn 99… Continue reading

Top 5 Book Series – Katherine Week

Despite the amount of recreational reading I’ve done dropping dramatically while I was in university, I still enjoy reading immensely. The following are my favourite book series (because choosing one book out of… Continue reading

Top 5 Bands – Katherine Week

Welcome to Katherine Week here on Too Canadian. In honour of my birthday this Thursday, I will be posting about my favourite things all week. As today is Music Monday, we will celebrate… Continue reading